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Column-packing service

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Custom analysis

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Custom analysis service (Environmental, biopharmaceutical and drug analysis)

Environmental analysis Biopharmacy Pharmaceutical analysis
We offer the following environmental analysis:

Drinking water, industrial water, waste water, ground water, soil, sludges, core samples.

  6 PAHs (old TVO protocoll)

  16 PAHs (new TVO protocoll)



  Organic acids

  Atrazine and related pesticides

  Phenols, halophenols and   nitrophenols

  Carbamate pesticides and herbicides

  Urea-based pesticides and herbicides

We also offer a customized method development service for all types of samples.
Please inquire.

The following biopharmaceutical analyses are offered:

Whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, lacrimal fluid, saliva, seminal fluid, vaginal secretions, organon tissue samples, bone, cell cultures, skin permeates, erythrocytes, microsomes, etc., from both human and animal sources.

Validated methods for approx. 300 drugs (German red List of Pharmaceuticals)

Custom method-development for specific samples

Adaptation of customers methods to routine methods

Enantiospecific separation of drugs

Analysis of drug metabolites

Determination of drug concentration levels in samples from patients

Bioavailability of phytopharmaceuticals

Determination of anions and cations in human and animal samples

Determination of phenols, PAHs, CHCs and PCBs in human and animal samples

Isolation of metabolites from plasma or urine on a preparative scale

We offer the following pharmaceutical analyses:
Analyses according to DAB 9, DAC 1986, HAB 1 and other pharma copoeas

Method development and validation of customer-specific analyses

Adaptation of customers methods to routine methods

Determination of the enantiomeric composition of racemates

Isolation and identification of drug metabolites

Method development for analysis of phytopharmaceuticals

Isolation and identification of phytopharmaceuticals

Stability analysis

Editing of drug approval applications


Due to safety regulations we are not authorized to accept shipments of any viral- or radioactive contaminated sample.