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Column-packing service

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Custom analysis

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" ...... in the Service of Science it will be all the time GROM‘s major goal to meet
his customers need.

Our scientific experts are always ready to give you the benefit of their experience
if you should ever require their advice.

Therefore, do not hesitate

to call ++49 (0)7073 / 50 35 7
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or e-mail maisch@reprosil.com

To satisfy all his customers GROM has developed several tailor-made, customized columns dedicated to

Button_mini_gruen.gif (1036 Byte) Amino Acid Analysis by HPLC
Button_mini_gruen.gif (1036 Byte) Separation of peptides and proteins
Button_mini_gruen.gif (1036 Byte) Analysis of polymers (GPC)
Button_mini_gruen.gif (1036 Byte) High Speed Liquid Chromatography for peptide mapping, drug monitoring etc.
Button_mini_gruen.gif (1036 Byte) Environmental analysis, i.e. determination of pesticides, herbicides, ketones, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Button_mini_gruen.gif (1036 Byte) Analysis of beverages and food